South Coast - famed Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom - is a holiday haven with wide golden beaches reaching out to the warm Indian Ocean. The subtropical climate allows for all year round growth of abundant colourful foliage which has gave rise to the lower region being named The Hibiscus Coast

Greatest Shoal on Earth - features the well-documented sardine run. Billions of small silvery fish wind their way along the coastline, pursued by dolphins, game fish, sharks and eager diving sea birds. This is one of only two places on in the world which plays host to such a phenomenon. Local citizens, researchers and tourists participate in the heady excitement.

Whale watching during the winter months enjoys grows annually. Charters provide close up views of Humpbacked and Southern Right Whales, which are seen when they migrate north to their breeding grounds.

Inland from Port Shepstone is Oribi Gorge - a spectacular canyon cutting through the jagged hills opening to a deep, wide valley, and home to the highest aerial gorge swing in the world. Here you can enjoy mountain hiking, horseback safaris, white-water rafting, bird-watching or take a drive through the nearby Nature Reserve.

Vibrant holiday towns like Margate and St Michael's offer exciting entertainment programs and festivals, drawing visitors from many parts of the world.

Four beaches along this stretch have been awarded Blue Flag status, attesting to the high standard of safety and cleanliness, as well as the availability of services and environmental management.

All swimming beaches are protected by shark nets have professional lifeguards in attendance. Certain beaches have adjoining rivers and lagoons providing safe boating for children and within close proximity of all amenities.

It is with good reason that the South Coast has become one of South Africa's most popular holiday spots, as it offers the perfect combination of natural beauty, fabulous climate and carnival atmosphere.

For the sun lovers there are the pristine beaches, of the warm Indian ocean and Extreme Sports for the Adrenalin Junkies, Scenic Walking, Mountain Biking and Horse Riding for the nature Lovers - Not forgetting the superb waves of Shelly Beach for the ardent surfer.

Air Charters - Get a birds eye view of the Hibiscus Coasts' spectacular beauty from the air. Bird Watching - More than 600 of South Africa's 900 odd bird species can be seen in KwaZulu - Natal.

The sub-tropical climate of the South Coast, with winter temperatures in the region of 20 degrees Celsius and summer months reaching 20's to 30 degrees Celsius -allow for year round “summer” golf.

Also known as "Golf Coast" with no less than nine18 hole golf courses within a 50 kilometres radius of Santana two of which are rated amongst the top 12 in South Africa.

The greens at Margate Bowling Club are in excellent condition, well maintained and have played host to many local, as well as international competitions.

With many other superb Golf Course to choose from, it's a Golfer's Paradise...

Nature Reserves & Trails

Reptile Parks

Other Things to do:

  • Dolphin and Whale Watching
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Shipwrecks
  • Boat Charters
  • Diving & Snorkling
  • Lighthouses
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